Care Package

My parents know that I have been trying to save money, so they sent me this nice care package for easter to provide me with much needed sustenance. Lets see whats inside... 1. A bag of fun size skittle packets, Sweet! They remembered my skittle addiction. 2. 6 single serve Jif peanut butter cups 3. Edible easter grass ... o.k? 4. Some laughing cow babybels and spreadable swiss 5. A hickory farms ham and crackers ... this is getting kind of weird 6. 5 little strawberry candies 7. About fifty single serve splenda packets (err...) 8. A bunny basket with creepy eyes What a strange selection of goodies. If any of you wondered where I got my weirdness from, you now know.

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thejrb9 years ago
So weird....
I don't see it as that weird..Seems like the makings of an easter basket:

  • Basket
  • Fake grass
  • Candies
  • Food
Tetranitrate (author)  Weissensteinburg9 years ago
Recent e-mail from my parents: "Only Weisensteinburger gets it."
hehe =]

Maybe they should have sent it to someone at the Labs...they could have assembled it in secret and then left it on your kitchen table for you to find easter morning. At least, that's what my parents do. (minus the send it to Squid Labs part)
This is an honest question. I thought you were Jewish, do Jewish people celebrate Easter? Mind you, I'm an atheist and I celebrate for all the sweet, sweet chocolate. Laughing Cow spreadable swiss is one of Mank Ind's greatest creations.
Easter is based completely on a pagan holiday, even the name (which does not occur in any Bible except the old KJV, where the word Pashe is mistranslated. Pashe refers to Passover. The name Easter comes from a couple of pagan sources; all of them in reference to the goddess of fertility. If you like Chocolate, it must be at least an 85% chocolate, bar, and Lindt is one of the better ones. Since I have partaken of this chocolate, I no longer like the watered down taste of "milk chocolate". My wife, however, says it is too strong. I told her, yeah, that IS what chocolate tastes like though. *sigh*
yeah pessach. exept for the matza part. it tasts like nothing,so you add peanut butter, then the crumbs get stuck to your teth, and the bread breaks, spilling more crumbs. and you cant have real bread. but the apple and cinamon stuff is nice. my favorit chocolat is 3 muskeeters, but im trying to cut back on chocolat.
my favorit chocolat is 3 muskeeters, but im trying to cut back on chocolat.

:-) There isn't much real chocolate in a 3 Musketeers bar ;-)

BTW: any purer then an 85% chocolate bar, and you end up with unsweetened baking chocolate....and that is very bitter.
The only American chocolate I've eaten is Hershey's, but I've been told it is "typical American chocolate".

That's why I haven't eaten the chocolate I won for the Love contest: I'm nervous.

For the UK readers - the best chocolate is either Galaxy milk chocolate, dark Toblerone or Cadbury's Fruit an Nut.

And it is now spelled choclit.
Bran Kiteman9 years ago
That's why I haven't eaten the chocolate I won for the Love contest: I'm nervous.

Give it a polyurethane coating and hang it on your wall. (Or stick it in that huge 10x10 foot box full of all your iBles gear....) ;-P
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