Care package #3

Care package #3 I got this a few weeks ago from my other aunt and uncle.

Picture of Care package #3
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Patrik9 years ago
Great - these are clearly all products which are impossible to find here on the West Coast! ;-)
These are clearly all products which are impossible to produce from organic sources and do not pass the stringent afterburn emissions testing under California state laws...
Tetranitrate (author)  Patrik9 years ago
They also sent me an envelope full of cash, and a walmart gift card.
Looks like a good 'un do I spy insta-porridge, I love that stuff... You seem to get some cool stuff from your family, foodwise anyway, I just hit Lidl...
Lidl's Rocks!
Yeah, 1.5L of saskia quelle - £0.28 the chocolate is amazing, loads of people come to our house and are like, ooh fancy nice chocolate and it's like, nah 50p mate...