Cargo bike - Bakfiets style

I think it would awesome to come up with a great instructable for building a cargo bike. Bakfiets, Madsen, Bilenky, Yuba all make interesting concepts. My favorite design is Bakfiets. I would love to try to build one myself but wouldn't know where to even begin.

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You what?
bergersworth (author)  memyselfand18 years ago
What? Huh? Eh? Sheesh.
I think he meaans that an image or two to illustrate your ideas would be nice.

In the mean time, have you seen this SUB project?
bergersworth (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Sure. Here are some links. The basic idea would be for a two-wheeler with a large box in the front that can hold a couple of kids or other cargo.

Here are some links:
Ah, I see. I think the SUB I linked to has similar capabilities, but is easier to engineer for the amateur.
Yes, images do help. I now see what you mean.