Cars running on vegetable oil regulated

The man is really bringing me down here...

Drivers of SVO (straight vegetable oil) fueled cars are running afoul of the law.

Not too long ago, cars that ran on leftover vegetable oil were rare, a curiosity. But now that lots of people are buying kits and hiring mechanics to mod their cars to run on french fry juice, the government is starting to take notice. Drivers of these cars now have to pay the same taxes as traditional fuel drivers, register with the state, file monthly reports and payments, as well as make sure they are in compliance with local environmental laws. Noncompliance will be punished with stiff fines.

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bigcdog8 years ago
The government just wants the oil money. "DIE GREEDY PIGS DIE"
zaro123459 years ago
Ya, this sucks. So, in accordance to the government taxing these people for using WVO, they should also tax wind powerplants? How about taxing people who use solar panels on their roof? Or even, what if the government even taxes people who drive hybrids? I'm pretty sure this is happening because the government LIKES being in debt. We pay so much for oil, that if lots of people switch to WVO, then the government *gasp* WOULDN't be in debt!
the govt. actually does tax solar panel users, after a fashion. If you use solar panels, or some other form of alternative energy, you have to sell off you excess power to the govt, if you dont you get fined. and in regards to driving hybrids, the government had tried to use gps to track people's mileage and tax them for it. gotta love the land of the free...
killarowa9 years ago
Quick msg, have you guys seen the movie "Who Killed the Electric Car"? Its messed up man, seriously! CA was about to go green(er) but the CARB board slam dunked the whole thing and car makers didnt have to make EV cars, BS!!!!
Rishnai9 years ago
I'd like to see drivers of Priuses have to do logs like that and pay those taxes. I suppose that it makes sense that as soon as someone breathes (whisper) tax evasion, the feds will be crawling all over that idea like ants and start cuffing people with red tape. The idea that if you use an untaxed fuel, you can put wear on the roads and not have to pay for its repair (because you're not paying fuel taxes), and therefore should be forced to pay all of those taxes on the fuel you make anyway, is incomplete. It should be extended to include if you burn half as much fuel as everyone else (so you're only paying half as much taxes), you should have to make up the difference by keeping a careful ledger of miles driven compared with the average fuel economy of cars in America, and be forced to pay the taxes that you evaded by not burning all of that gas. Looking at it that way, it's obvious that making people pay for being green is absolutely batshit crazy. People that use SVO should get tax breaks like hybrid owners, not more taxes.
Then the drivers of all-electric vehicles should, at a minimum, pay a yearly licensing fee that goes towards road upkeep. They're not paying any road gas taxes at all! Hey, I'm paying their share of it, I'm getting taxed twice and they are getting the benefit of it! Why am I getting penalized for not "going green" anyway? Do those politicians know how much a decent electric vehicle costs, when I can barely afford to get a clunker?! You can't find good used electric vehicles! The rich are soaking the poor again so they can show off how much better they are than us!! They're GREEN!!

*huff huff* ...deep breaths, calm down...

Well It's True!!
Lithium Rain (author)  forgesmith9 years ago
Electric cars don't run on SVO. And they pay plenty of other taxes that cover the road maintainence and upkeep.
Electric cars don't run on SVO. And they pay plenty of other taxes that cover the road maintainence and upkeep.
Well, we're coming up on a (slightly) broader issue of alternative fuels period, and since electricity is being used for propulsion it counts. And we're coming up fast, before there might have been the odd soul who distilled his own ethanol, maybe only a handful in an entire state. Now we're going to get into noticeable percentages.

Fuel taxes are distinct as they are earmarked for roads, directly charged to those using the roads. Human powered doesn't count as they aren't really considered users, you don't find bicycles up to speed in your lane on the interstate. Not sure about animal powered, but I've yet to see an Amish buggy or wagon with a license plate and registration sticker. Besides the horse might object to emissions testing. In both human and animal cases, there are high-speed roads like interstate highways that specifically ban them from use, they're not full-fledged users. Low-powered mopeds however are subject to licensing and registration requirements, in my state and I'm certain others, they're allowed in the normal flow of traffic. And mopeds, at least historically, use fuel.

So the distinction is if the vehicle, at least historically, uses power other than that immediately made by a living organism, it pays road tax, it's a normal user of roads.

The collection of road tax is a serious issue. #2 home heating oil, the most common, is dyed red to keep it from being used in diesels, makes spot checks go fast, just look in a trucker's tank(s). Thruout the entire country, anyone using that heating oil must pay a little bit extra to cover the cost of that dye, even those who don't have and can't afford a vehicle.

For a vehicle you may pay a registration fee, which covers those administrative costs, perhaps inspection and also emission testing fees, which covers the costs of the garage doing the work. And... That's it. Nothing in there for roads. Fuel tax(es) are it.

If you're a normal road user but your vehicle uses a fuel that's outside of the traditional road taxed systems, why should you get a free ride? The correct answer is you shouldn't, you use then you pay.
Lithium Rain (author)  forgesmith9 years ago
Well, yeah, but you jumped into a conversation about SVO fueled cars and started talking electric...kinda confusing...

And the other taxes we pay do go for the roads. Extra taxes are routinely earmarked by the congress to fix or build roads and bridges.

And that argument makes no sense to me. Let's assume you get the fuel free. Why should the government tax something you got for free? What's next? Taxing the charred wood that's left over after a fire that someone gave you, because you could use it for charcoal?
Well, yeah, but you jumped into a conversation about SVO fueled cars and started talking electric...kinda confusing...
Psst, I was also taking on the tone of the previous post, exaggerating it, and taking it to the next logical step, no fuel. For, you know, humorous purposes. Wink wink.
And the other taxes we pay do go for the roads. Extra taxes are routinely earmarked by the congress to fix or build roads and bridges.
Only to cover shortfalls or special projects. You can have a vehicle and not have enough income to pay income taxes, so nothing required there. We don't have a national sales tax, and locally you're not paying any unless you're (legally) buying items that have sales tax, so still not required. The only tax a road user would have to pay that gets used for roads is fuel tax, and if you duck that using alternate fuels then you could be paying nothing towards the roads you use. Let's say half the drivers switch to alternate, then half the fuel taxes are gone. How is that made up? Do you charge the non-alternates double, or add it to income taxes paid by people who drive very little or not at all, who don't even have a vehicle?

The government isn't charging for free fuel, it's charging for using the roads. Fuel tax is an easy method of that, the more you drive the more you pay, drive large vehicles that are more likely to damage roads and need better and larger roads and you'll pay more since they use more fuel. On the whole it's a fair system. Well, it's fair that alternates should pay for using the roads too. The question is now how they should be charged.
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