I noticed the absence of cartoons on Instructables, (other than robot) post your cartoons, comics, doodles and art here! Attached are two of mine, simplified and vectorised using inkscape. Edit: Unvectorised image of pants added. Two new cartoons added, Arabian and Howdy Pardner KSM

Picture of Cartoons!
Frame 2.png
Finish hopefully this works.gif
howdy pardner.png
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pburgess9 years ago

Gotta love a pun.

kiwi_soccer_maniac (author)  pburgess9 years ago
What sort of software did you use for that?
None. I'm Old School™.
kiwi_soccer_maniac (author)  pburgess9 years ago
Wow, how did you get the image so clean and the text to smooth? Im impressed
Pretty much exactly as caitlinsdad said. It starts with a steady hand and good pens (I like Sakura Microns), then following up with appropriate contrast adjustment to the scan to solidify the blacks and remove the paper grain or tint.
kiwi_soccer_maniac (author)  pburgess9 years ago
Thanks, those pens look really nice. See below
I find that when you scan in black and white drawings, you can increase the brightness and contrast settings to get rid of paper grain/erasure marks. Make sure your software is scanning as a black and white and not a greyscale or color picture. I think there is a function to smooth out jaggies to convert images from bitmap to vector/raster images. I am old school too and don't have a digitizing tablet to draw on yet, I prefer to do things freehand.

pburgess' lettering is pretty good and consistent. I use pencil guidelines and try to imitate a style or font for cartoons. You can try various type pens or markers with different shaped chisel or round tips to get those varying line thicknesses in the letters. Calligraphy is fun to try to do.

Look at forums member signature post to check out what some people did to clean up scans of doodle/signatures.
kiwi_soccer_maniac (author)  caitlinsdad9 years ago
Thanks, ill tske s note of those pens, they look really good. Yea, all my cartoons are freehand, then scanned in black and white and then imported into inskape where i use the bitmap to vector you mentioned. I'll add a before shot of the pants image before the vectorising.
kiwi_soccer_maniac (author)  pburgess9 years ago
Haha nice, looks very professional.
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