Cast Stone, Outdoor Repoduction with Fiberglass

I would like to reproduce a hand rail made out of concrete, cast stone; any suggestions as to how I should go about reproducing the cast stone rail and baluster?

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you could carve your master out of polystyrene or a mix of poly and wood, fill a large box with fine sand make a negative shape with the poly. master and fill the resultant hollow with cement..It will probably need polishing when you take it out. I have seen a dinghy hull made this way.....except he did not use concrete (duh)
azalldesign (author)  maninamousesuit10 years ago
thanks for your help. production wise,it might not be too cost effective since i might need to have a few of them.
chaoscampbell10 years ago
All my experience with outdoor reproduction is in a completly different area.....and thank Ala I was unsussesful with every attempt....... :) haha...... sorry..... probably inappropriate.... but I had was funny and so easy
And where does the fiberglass fits in all that :P
azalldesign (author)  gyromild10 years ago
You can create a fiber glass form out of the plug or the form you are trying to replicate.
Oh God...
I don't think He was involved really ;-)
azalldesign (author)  chaoscampbell10 years ago
can you be clear about your comments? I am reading 3 different feedbacks from your reply. I think you can be very helpful somehow!!! regards
He was not speaking of stone railing, if I got his drift. ;-)
I think you I can remove it if its to distracting..... but it is kinda funny
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