Cat Exercise Wheel...Looking for instructions on how to build it.

If anyone can show me an easy inexpensive way to build a cool cat exercise wheel I would be eternally grateful.
I see some really cool examples on youtube but no one gives instructions.
thanks again,

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When it concerns cats, the proverb goes "If you build it, they will ignore it".
How about, if you build it, then sternly instruct them to avoid it?
Hmm... that might work. Or if you incorporated the irresistable cardboard box into the design. Or an old computer keyboard.
On a more serous note, if the exercise wheel is lined with a very nubbly-textured material the cats will be more likely to use it. Ours love the scratching posts I made from a 4x4 covered with woven sisal door mat.
Kiteman6 years ago
Do "lazy Susan" bearing work on their sides? You could fasten one to a wall, and fix your wheel (however you choose to make it) to that.