Cat Playing Theremin

Wow. It's a cat playing a theremin!
I have nothing more to add.

Picture of Cat Playing Theremin
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suzukisuv8 years ago
Hahaha, this can is Jimmy Hendrix.
i wish i had a cat that plays the theremin
vlotti8 years ago
Very nice cat... That theremin doesn't sound too nice, but that's the problem with those things... The principle is simple enough, but try to make one that plays smoothly and sounds good. For those who are handy with a soldering iron it isn't too complicated to try build one. The original used vacuum tubes, because the transistor wasn't invented yet... Make 2 RF oscillators, one very stable and the other slightly tunable by a rod that protrudes from the cabinet. Moving a hand along and closer and farther from the rod should vary the frequency of one oscillator, the signals of the two oscillators are mixed and the frequency difference is your audio signal... Like with all musical instruments, it takes some time to get the sound right. I'm sorry, but the description and circuit diagram I once had, has gone lost.
Doveman9 years ago
Ive never heard of a theramin. o.0
What? Never heard of a Theramin? Ever heard of the Beach Boys, "Good Vibrations"?
yah? a theramin!? whats a theramin!?
No, I seroiusly have never heard of a theramin. And Ive heard of the Beach Boys, but not that song.
Ever here of the Cult classic B movie: The Day the Earth Stood Still Lots of optical theramin use in that movie.
By "optical" theramin, I mean one that responds to light to create the sounds.
Well, actually, that was an electro-theremin (sort of a simulated theremin) on the Beach Boys album. But, it was the first introduction to this instrument for most people.
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