Cat tree

I was wondering if anyone had done a cat tree and was nice enough to share a tutorial.

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barb22338 years ago
I thought I had seen some in catalogs, but don't remember which ones. Sorry
lemonie8 years ago
Is this like a "shoe tree" but with cats? L
Ouch! Where exactly do you intend to put the pegs holding the cats on?
You'd bait the tree and they'd climb up and get stuck (like they do) on the branches I suppose? L
"Bait the tree"...Nyah, nyah, nyah! You're a stupid tree, your branches are all crooked! Oh, um, that's not really what you meant, was it?
No, all this plain text is so ambiguous.... L
sounds like you've read: 101 Things to do with a Dead Cat. ;-) honestly, that is a real book
It is, but I haven't. L
lillianclair (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Sorry, I was thinking of art, cats in a tree for photographic purposes...
People have made these:
There's more but I'm having trouble finding them...

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