Cell Phone + Magnet

I was playing around with some of my 1/8in. NeFeBr (or is it NeBrFe?) magnets leftover from the challenge. Was using them to find screws on my flip phone. I noticed that when I put it at the "joint" of the two halves, the screen went dark. Turns out it thought I shut my phone. This was just a little odd tidbit that I wanted to share, that has potental. But, it isn't an instructable, so I just posted it.

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LasVegas10 years ago
Nope. Unless, of course, your cell phone is using '70s technology Core memory or floppy disks...
Mine does, it's the size of a microwave :-)
trebuchet0311 years ago
wow, thanks for sharing... I just grabbed one of my magnet building toys... I have some sort of samsung phone... if I place the magnet on the button half (its a flip phone), in the right place it thinks I closed the phone...

Oooo... looks like there's also a magnet on the other half... so I guess its a reed switch.

AND - it will end a phone call :P

Nice find
zachninme (author)  trebuchet0311 years ago
Yeah, I figured it was. Thanks! I'm glad I could contribute. With a large magnet, you could probably "close" a phone from quite a distance away.
zachninme (author)  zachninme11 years ago
As a referance, the magnets I have have a pull force of .9lbs, and work from 1cm away.
That is 2kg = 1cm
(fine, 1.98km)
If it is a linear relation, then this magnet should work from 23.5 feet away.

With obsructions and such, I would guess 20 feet, that is still amazing
The point of that is to "close a phone" from afar.
carbon zachninme10 years ago
So....if I get a large enough magnet, I could go on anti-cell-phone raids? Wait a minute!- I already have a 1.5inch n48 neodymium cube of dooooooom! It has the strength to "close" a phone from a little over a foot away. It's very, very satisfying to sneak up behind someone, wave it over their phone, and pity the mere mortal as they say something along the lines of: "Hello...Hello?...Are you there?...How strange- I appear to have lost the call...I guess I'll have to dial them up again...Oh dang!- I lost it again!..." Repeat as necessary.
get one of those big magnets used for pulling outboards from the bottom of a lake
Ian01 zachninme10 years ago
It's something like the square of the distance...?
trebuchet03 Ian0110 years ago
Not Squared -- inverse cube. So, if we double the distance the magnetic field is 1 eighth as strong.
Field strength is not a linear relationship ;)
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