Cell Phone + Magnet

I was playing around with some of my 1/8in. NeFeBr (or is it NeBrFe?) magnets leftover from the challenge. Was using them to find screws on my flip phone. I noticed that when I put it at the "joint" of the two halves, the screen went dark. Turns out it thought I shut my phone. This was just a little odd tidbit that I wanted to share, that has potental. But, it isn't an instructable, so I just posted it.

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trebuchet0310 years ago
wow, thanks for sharing... I just grabbed one of my magnet building toys... I have some sort of samsung phone... if I place the magnet on the button half (its a flip phone), in the right place it thinks I closed the phone...

Oooo... looks like there's also a magnet on the other half... so I guess its a reed switch.

AND - it will end a phone call :P

Nice find
zachninme (author)  trebuchet0310 years ago
Yeah, I figured it was. Thanks! I'm glad I could contribute. With a large magnet, you could probably "close" a phone from quite a distance away.
zachninme (author)  zachninme10 years ago
As a referance, the magnets I have have a pull force of .9lbs, and work from 1cm away.
That is 2kg = 1cm
(fine, 1.98km)
If it is a linear relation, then this magnet should work from 23.5 feet away.

With obsructions and such, I would guess 20 feet, that is still amazing
The point of that is to "close a phone" from afar.
carbon zachninme10 years ago
So....if I get a large enough magnet, I could go on anti-cell-phone raids? Wait a minute!- I already have a 1.5inch n48 neodymium cube of dooooooom! It has the strength to "close" a phone from a little over a foot away. It's very, very satisfying to sneak up behind someone, wave it over their phone, and pity the mere mortal as they say something along the lines of: "Hello...Hello?...Are you there?...How strange- I appear to have lost the call...I guess I'll have to dial them up again...Oh dang!- I lost it again!..." Repeat as necessary.
get one of those big magnets used for pulling outboards from the bottom of a lake
Ian01 zachninme10 years ago
It's something like the square of the distance...?
trebuchet03 Ian0110 years ago
Not Squared -- inverse cube. So, if we double the distance the magnetic field is 1 eighth as strong.
Field strength is not a linear relationship ;)
zachninme (author)  trebuchet0310 years ago
Figured... Ah well, it would still be far!
Ian0110 years ago
Nice discovery. This would probably also work on my MacBook, which uses magnets to stay closed. Btw, it's NdFeB, Neodymium-Iron-Boron.
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