Cell Phone Killer & Now Texting Problems

I need help! The ditsy blonds , brunets, and red heads are trying to crash into me. They are on their cell phones, everywhere. Need someone to invent a signal blocker (killer) that cuts the signal when a cell phone is brought near a persons head in a vehicle! Cops are not enforcing the law. People are crashing. Wait till the statistics come out. One in four ? or more! Help, can anyone invent this dearly needed device? Maybe get them installed in all new cars? Now its young people TEXTING and crashing and dying! 3,000 this year from Texting Auto Accidents, they were not accidents, they were stupid texting idiots. lLife is more important than stupid messaging! Wake up, stop TEXTING, and live!

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triumphman (author) 9 years ago
I'm trying to avoid an accident. And maybe save some lives. Its really serious. I guarantee if you get in your vehicle and drive a few miles or less you will see this assanine behavior. I have been nearly rear ended so many times I have lost count. These people are nuts. Legal or not laws must be enacted to stop this insanity. Vehicles are not phone boothes. It will take a big politians family member to get killed or in a coma before anyone does something. That's the unfortunate way things go in this country!
triumphman (author)  triumphman4 years ago
Fines have just been increased, but they are still texting. I say allow the officer to smash the device!
triumphman (author) 4 years ago
triumphman (author) 4 years ago
3,000 teenagers have died this year from texting auto accidents ! So kids STOP TEXTING & LIVE LONGER!
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triumphman (author) 5 years ago
I recently added a video camera onto the luggage rack of my motorcycle. One day I went to the grocery store and a guy who was behind me also on the phone, pulled in next to me and asked what the camera was for! I said I am making a documentary for PBS about cell phones fatalities and accidents. He said "I would never talk and drive" ! So I showed him the video of his face on the phone! He turned red and drove off in a hurry! What a moron! They are out there, everywhere! So beware!
Dr.Bill5 years ago
lthorpe16 years ago
I have alreDy came UP with an invention that will help out with the cell phones. It will help with big trucks and cars cant find anyone to help me get it done. All these trucking companys will buy it up. Just gotta find the right investers thanks for listing LARRY THORPE
abadfart6 years ago
i say we make blue tooth more affordable i got one because it was hard to drive a stick with a phone to your ear but now i use it when ever i need to have my hands free
$25 isn't affordable? More to the point, you don't need Bluetooth for hands-free. You can get an earbud-and-mic set for about $5.
true but when i bought mine you couldn't get anything worth using for less than $100 and my phone wouldn't take anything but blue tooth (the Motorola rive is one of the poorest designed phones i have seen)
crapflinger7 years ago
they've actually got devices for this now

http://www.nbc33tv.com/cellcontrol/device-blocks-cell-phone-use-in-cars (just one example)

basically there's a device that attaches to the car's computer that detects when the car/vehicle/whatever is in motion and sends a signal to an app on the phone (some of them actually jam cell signals, but that's dangerous as it could block someone else's phone from working outside of your car) and disables everything but 911 usage (text, email, phone calls, etc...). there are a few companies marketing the product to parents of teens, and some states are lobbying to have the devices required equipment in new cars.
weeny7 years ago
I would only advise using a cell phone jammer in places where cellular telephone usage is highly annoying and socially unacceptable, i.e. a resturant, movie theatre, classroom, etc. Otherwise, I think it would be best to leave people alone. However, in these situations, it is rather difficult to get caught or for the FCC to do anything about it. If you're running it 24/7 out of your apartment and telling everyone about it, then you do deserve to get caught and it would be much easier to find the source of the interference to implicate you criminally. Everyone loves to huff and puff indignatly on the Internet. The FCC can't do anything more than try to question you (and you can refuse to talk to them) and try to take signal readings outside your residence.
whatsisface9 years ago
The problem with that could be that once people lose their signal, they'll look at their phone to see what's up with it, taking their eyes off the road...
Kiteman9 years ago
Although cell-jammers exist, I believe they are illegal. Try putting down your coffee, making a note of their number plate and informing the police.
triumphman (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
I don't drink anything and drive, get my point. I have called them and the cops reply- can't do anything if I didn't see it myself. Can you believe that? They are only clean up boys. They show up after the fact , donut, gun, and pencil in hand. You know what I mean?
...can't do anything if I didn't see it myself.

What? How do they solve crimes? "Sorry, can't investigate this multiple homicide, I didn't see him do it."

Try overloading them with paperwork - since it is, technically, an offence to withhold evidence of a crime, try sending them a signed report of every incident you see and "cc" it to a local judge or newspaper.
PKM Kiteman9 years ago
This is something I've wondered about- at what point does a crime become significant enough that the police will still care about it after it has finished taking place? Clearly "he's not murdering anyone right now, not my problem" is on one side, and "he was parked here for longer than the parking restrictions allow, get forensics in" is on the other.

I don't think there's much you can do about people on their phones while driving, but if they are right behind your car then I totally don't suggest tapping your brakes to make them take notice of you because that would be very irresponsible. If you're on a bike (as your image suggests).. get out of the way. Either go faster than them and get way ahead, or pull over/slow down for a moment to let them and their dangerous ignorance past, it's not worth the danger of being anywhere near them

I recently saw a car with a ghostbusters-esque array of cameras and stuff in the back, have no idea what it was for but it made me want one of those scrolling character-LED displays with preprogrammed messages like "Get off your phone" or "Stop tailgating me, ***hole".
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
You can take a photo of the person in the car with numberplate showing, you never know it may even be a profitable excercise... Anyway doing so should be enough for the points