Cell Phone Repair?

Recently my girlfriends cell phone broke. The On/Off button still works, but none of the other buttons work. It still can receives phone calls, and text messages, but only one button works. The other day a couple of the other buttons worked briefly, but they went back to not working after a couple of minutes. I think its a problem in the phones wiring. Before I go opening up the cell phone, I was wondering if anyone has any advise or any experience working with cell phones, that might be helpful.

trebuchet0310 years ago
How old is it? To be honest, most cell phones have a relatively short service life (1-2 years). After about a year, all of the phones I've had were/are considerably worn. And I don't beat the crap out of it :/

Poke and prod and look for visible damage... but if you can get anything for trading it in, leave it alone. Otherwise, what's there to lose? A phone that can't make calls?
ossumguywill10 years ago
You may have water trapped in it. Remove the battery and soak it in the purest alcohol you can find for 15 minutes and let it dry for a day. This will remove all water.
sam10 years ago
I couldn't give you proper directions to fix your phone, having never seen it, but in general, when something of mine breaks, like my phone, I open it up, and the problem becomes fairly obvious. You could try cleaning the connection between the rubber pads and switch traces on the board, with rubbing alcohol. If you can't get it fixed, I'm sure you could sell it or trade it with someone on this site, as a project phone.. for remote control via sms messages etc..