Cell phone speaker?

So, y'know how sometimes you might feel like sharing your music with friends, but you dont want to share you headphones? The solution would be to carry speakers, but usually they're sort of bulky and they wont fit in your pockets very well. So, what about cell phones? even some that are maybe a few years old are still smaller then some speakers. Everyone knows taht cell phones can be Really loud, so what if we somehow add a cable to attach to an audio device, and switch around some things inside, and use the dead phone as speakers?! I would try and do this, but i have no idea how, so this is just an idea for you peoples to think about.!

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Sadam and Osama (author) 10 years ago
but isnt everything better when you make/modify it yourself? Also, you're saving the enironment by reusing stuff (not that i really care for the environment that much). =)
Ive seen DealExtreme for a while, but the prices are so low, i thought it might be a scam, also i dont have a credit card, so i cant order stuff, but theres a lot of stuff i want from there.. TTTT
it's not a scam, I've ordered stuff 2 or 3 times from them, my only complaint is that the shipping (though free ffrom hongkong!) takes like 2 to 3 weeks to arrive to my house in Penssylvania.
Sadam and Osama (author)  guyfrom7up10 years ago
Cool. Too bad i cant order anything, because I dont have a credit card, and i cant find Visa gift/prepaid cards...
josh9217610 years ago
OK, you could do this BUT the speaker in your mobile is connected to an amp but I'm not sure how the amp connects to the mobile, it could be in a weird way. Plus you would need to be able to solder decently. -josh
guyfrom7up10 years ago
you can buy small, rechargable lithium speakers for really cheap online. Such as from deal extreme