Cellophane Recommendations

Anyone work with cellophane?

I'm working on a papercraft and bought this cellophane. It is cheap, super thin and fragile and while it is fine, I was hoping to find something a bit thicker/sturdier. It kind of worked for what I am doing, but would love to know if there are other options. Anyone work with any cellophane and have suggestions?

I would prefer to have a multi-color variety pack, but any suggestions are welcome :)

caitlinsdad2 months ago


If you are doing serious work, I would use that instead of gift basket wrap stuff.

Penolopy Bulnick (author)  caitlinsdad2 months ago

Interesting! So is this where you bought colored acetate or where did you purchase it?

We have a couple of "high-end" artist supply stores around NYC so I was able to get it there. They might do mail order or find that finer-arts store by you. I had also thought maybe using photography/stage light filter gel materials but they were costly. There is also https://www.canalplastic.com/ and another store down the block that stocks thin plastic sheets good for light diffusion and stuff. The old timey hardware stores around here stock various patterns of sheet plastic to use from covering couches, tablecloths or carpet runners. The shelf liner rolls from IKEA have possibilities if you need a super tough flexible plastic.