Cellphone headset with PC?

Hey guys i need some help. I just started using gizmo for voip calls b/c i don't get cell phone reception in my basement. I have a bluetooth headset which i use to pair with my cell phone and it works perfectly. Is there a way i can pair this same headset with my computer (has bluetooth) and make voip calls using my bluetooth headset?

uNiq1 (author) 9 years ago
Well i want to do this with gizmo but for some reason the sound does not work. I paired the device fine. UNder services i checked handsfree telephony and, headset options. Gizmo is configed to the headset too
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Yes, infact it is extremely easy to do with skype. I have a macbook with built in bluetooth and I'm looking at buying a cheap headset. On the same note is there any way to use your phone as the headset? Use it with skype over bluetooth?