Chain Keeper/Roller

New to instructables forum but have been enjoying all the wonderful inventions. 

I am trying to make/build me a chain keeper that "looks" like the following:
1. Pedros Chain Keeper (
2. Butter b1 Chain Keeper (

These chain keepers are quite expensive: about $10.00 for Pedros and $35.00 for Butter. Also, I'd like the chain keeper to be used for transporting my bike - see a comment on a DIY version at

Appreciate any input/ideas.


riubaring (author) 1 year ago
Just an update. Here is what I came up with (see pictures). It consists of an axle spindle and a plastic (resin) cloth line pulley.
Goodhart1 year ago
Would a roller or gear placed in such a way as to apply tension work?
riubaring (author)  Goodhart1 year ago
That's what I have in mind. A roller that is inexpensive and available at local DIY store. A plastic bobbins or something is ideal. Will keep on looking around and keep you posted.

Thanks for your comment.

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