Chainsaw bike

Hey every one i'm gonna make a chain saw powered bike do you think i should do an instructable on it !

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qwertyyyyyy6 years ago
tkuhn16 years ago
I'm thinking about making a go cart... Yeah it's going to cost probably ofer $1000. But it will be street legal and have winter tires. I'm thinking about running it with a chainsaw for each wheel. How fast do u think it will go with 2 chainsaws?
Brennn1010 years ago
If it is a well documented instructable, it would be great! Make sure you document each step with good pictures! Good Luck!
Charger_06 (author)  Brennn1010 years ago
Thanks i just got to get the supplies and the time. Its hard to do when your in middle school! Ill make sure to take very detailed pictures and good step by step illustrations
 Dude, focus on what is going to get you ahead in life, like grades, or family, but not your bike.  I made the mistake of working on a few bikes in middle school instead of studying and now I'm doing terribly as a freshman in high school.  Whatever you do, just remember to study and get good grades.
I don't think anyone should limit themselves to just studying and schoolwork.  It is important as a teenager to create a balance between personal interests and schoolwork. 

I don't think Charger_06 is wasting time on Instructables - he hasn't posted since November '08.
 actually, I might be wasting time on this site. *switches to DR.STEEL*
 No, I'm talking about the main focus.
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