Chainless Bicycle!!

There's a great post over at POPSCI about an awesome chainless bicycle! It uses an innovative wire and pulley system. No more pants caught in the chain?? 

Way to go Hungary! 

Read more at POPSCI

Picture of Chainless Bicycle!!
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Dr.Paj7 years ago
If you look at the related videos, the pedaling motion doesn't look too smooth. It looks almost like there is a period of little resistance followed by a large amount of resistance in the pedaling. I think you can find it in youtube if you search Stringbike.
yeah, it looks like it's main method of propulsion is the same as pulling a rip cord on a top, except that it self winds the cord for repeated pulls.
zack247 Dr.Paj7 years ago
i see what you mean, but it still a quite interesting concept, using string instead of chains would be cheaper, if the string broke, it would cost less to buy 50 yards of string rather than 50 yards of chain
It's not string, it's metal wire, similar to picture-hanging wire.

I'm not sure about the cost issue -- when a chain "breaks," you only have to replace the one faulty link and pin. When the wire breaks, you have to replace the whole thing, and you have to have the right crimping tool to join the two ends without a big knot.

It's a pretty cool idea, but not obvious to me that "different" == "better."
jeff-o7 years ago
If it can't handle a Canadian Winter, I'm not interested.
rimar20007 years ago
I think this is only a novelty, not an enhancement. I prefer the cardanic transmision, it is for me much better:
Vissy7 years ago
I guess the main selling point is that it's cool and uncommonly shocking...but who would notice, really?
That is the weirdest bike I've ever seen!
I wonder how this would stand up to a bit of rough and tumble... I imagine it would cope with dirt better but it does look fragile...
I pedaled a bike with a belt drive during a trade show a few years ago. Smooth! And without the pieces of a chain, the wear is way less. No more oily chain? I was sold.
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