Chainsaw project, what would You like to see

I got a craftsman 40cc chainsaw donated from work. Anyone got some ideas for what to use it as? Ive thought about powering a bike with it, using mountain bike gears. Ive thought about using it to make power for at my cabin. What kinda crazy 2 stroke powerd thing would you like to build or see built?

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LEVatrmn0115 years ago
I would like to see a RC Pulling Tractor project. Im trying to find info on the net about it. All I really can find are youtube videos of meets. Just my suggestion. Here's some pics.
CaseInternational1.jpgJD1.jpg2010 NRCTPA Worlds.jpg
Kiteman6 years ago
If it works, and is safe, why not use it properly?

Create some chainsaw sculptures.
quadracer (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
The saw works fine and is safe, but compared to my stihl saws this craftsman is a toy. The engine Is removable from the saw housing, Maybe rc car? Maybe use it to run on wood gas and hook up a generator on it ? chainsaw robot does sound awesome, but not so safe.
brunoip6 years ago
Create a robot with a chainsaw arm (?
Kiteman brunoip6 years ago