I challenge you to be the first on to make a fully functioning knex BRICKS or knex MINI gun. Might be tough.

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HEY!!! what if we took a gun already made and make it with mini pieces. i might try that. if one of you is, say which one you r so i dont make the same one...
make the storm 220 mini lol
if i ever do this maybe i will
lol that would be rly kl lol
tried it yet?
no... sorry
ajleece (author)  shadowninja318 years ago
it wont work because the rods arent to the same scale as the original rods. but you could try making a mini srv1 (that would be fricking awesome!!!) ps.. i had allready thought of that
well they r the same length i dunno it might work
DJ Radio8 years ago
someone already make a functional gun using knex minis.
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