Challenge: Can You Beat This Scary Turbine PumpkinCutter Halloween Project ?

This Halloween project is so scary that the inventor (myself) felt shock and awe at it. I was genuinely scared at the running of this machine...and rightly so! So I figured I would spread the scariness to all who see this machine, to set the mood for a DIY Halloween... The machine in question is what I have named the Tesla CD Turbine. The CD Turbine is magnetically-coupled to a Skilsaw blade. (What I teasingly call the PumpkinCutter Attachment). The Tesla CD Turbine uses recycled CD's and neodymium magnets for rotating parts...nothing else. It can rev up to thousands of rpm. It has no bearings or seals and is magnetically coupled to implements. It runs on either compressed air or water pressure. But hey, put on a magnetically-coupled Skilsaw blade, run it at thousands of rpm, and you have a very dangerous PumpkinCutter! (Instructable is ready...if you dare!) Beat that for a wild, scary, hi-tech, cheap and recycled Halloween project!!

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mrfixitrick (author) 8 years ago
The Pumpkin Cuttin' Ceremony using the new Steampunk Edition of the Tesla CD Turbine with PumpkinCutter Attachment was an outstanding success!

mrfixitrick (author) 9 years ago
mrfixitrick (author) 9 years ago
New Video out today; Tesla CD Turbine PumpkinCuttin' Ceremony" . Live action of the new Steampunk version CD Turbine doing pumpkin carving. See a pumpkin cry.
mrfixitrick (author) 9 years ago
Here's a high-speed run with a non-magnet CD Disc Pack,
in my "New Test Facilities". I love the sound!
mrfixitrick (author) 9 years ago
Here is my
latest video of the Magnetic Coupler that seems so mysterious to many. It enables the CD Turbine to do useful work. The Magnetic Coupler is what holds on and rotates the Skilsaw blade for example, or runs other implements such as the brand-new MeatGrinder Attachment. It also puts Scary Unknown Alien Technology back into Halloween.
We will see how well it performs in tonight's (Oct31st) "Pumpkin Cuttin' Ceremony" !
Hopefully, I will be able to post the video...
. ROFLMAO!!! "Whoops." Good vid, the whoops only makes it better.
Haha yea, that Whoops was pretty funny. Nice videos mrfixits!
mrfixitrick (author)  Brennn109 years ago
Hey, a big thanks to both NachoMahma and Brennn10 for your input. I do have a heck of a lot of fun doing these videos. They are not rehearsed and I don't do re-takes to fix glitches. It captures more of the wildness and mystery that way. (Even I don't know, what the ending is going to be!)
mrfixitrick (author) 9 years ago
Here's a good web site with info on exploding CD'. Apparently, about 25,000 rpm is the limit before explosion. I have done 14,500 rpm so far with basic Cd Turbine on 1/2 throttle air, 10,000rpm with the Magnetic Coupler.
Manipulating a valve so close to the blade is not safe at all ............. If something went wrong, you would have lost your fingers ................
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