Challenge: find a weirder mouse

I challenge you to find a weirder mouse than this beastie (the mouse mouse doesn't count, I've seen that)

From Engadget

Picture of Challenge: find a weirder mouse
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Hiyadudez7 years ago
This mouse! (By the way, do yu get a patch f it is weirder?)

dsman1952767 years ago
Of coarse, you all are forgetting the 2 weirdest mouses of all...
Bartboy7 years ago
I know! It has two buttons that don't do anything....
Window swap is what they do
No. This is an older one, from a white imac running 10.4 They don't have window swap. It does nothing....
lemonie7 years ago
It's probably crap to use though ? L
=SMART=7 years ago
lawl that is pretty damn weird !
Jayefuu (author) 7 years ago
gmjhowe Jayefuu7 years ago
Maybe you should move this away from the pro forums, and offer up some patches?
Jayefuu (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
Yeh I don't know why I posted it here. How do I get it moved?
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