Chandelier Made from Lightbulbs

Picture of Chandelier Made from Lightbulbs
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kaseyraex310 years ago
Does anybody know how they would be connected to each other...?...
It looks like they've glued small magnets to each bulb.
westfw10 years ago
Pretty neat. Well within the DIY abilities of most people, I would think. Silicone caulk should hold things together pretty securely AND hold up to reasonable amounts of heat, but use a CFL for the actual light source and it shouldn't matter so much. (However, looks ... obnoxious to clean!)
Patrik10 years ago
Casts some nice shadows as well, if you use all clear bulbs:
kaseyraex3 Patrik10 years ago
thats so cool i want one......
Patrik kaseyraex310 years ago
I know it's a radical thought, but you could make one... ;-)
Wait... People on a DIY site making things themselves?? Humph.
im to lazy to make anything...and i would probably end up breaking it anyhow.....
Patrik kaseyraex310 years ago
Who knows - it might look even better with broken bulbs...
kaseyraex3 Patrik10 years ago
would it look like anything with broken bulbs?...nothing would really be held together....
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