Change in the Couch =)

So recently, a friend and I decided to set up a website with a forum and a community - we want to create something pretty special here. We decided to call it Change in the Couch, because, who doesn't love it when we lift up the couch cushion to look for the freaking TV remote, and we find like, seven dollars in change? I know I do. If you don't, then you're a fool - or just really tidy.

Seriously though, we could use some members and fun times, so feel free to sign up and discuss :) Maybe you'll meet some cool folks.

mikesty (author) 10 years ago
Nice... 5 months late. Yeah, CiTC basically folded up. IT was actually pretty neat for a while, then there was some server troubles, and then the guy behind it dropped off the map. He's been doing other stuff lately. Actually, I have no idea what he's doing now.
cheater. the URL is dead.
It probably wasn't five months ago...