Change the format back!!!

change the format back. Please. the new one is really annoying. plus, the search is lame.

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vorlock7 years ago
I hate the search and I'm sure lots of other people do to
vorlock vorlock7 years ago
Don't even bother trying to find them all, there's a ton already.
kelseymh7 years ago
How about some constructive criticism?  Could you be specific about which features you do or don't like, and why?  And why not post your specific comments in the main forum topic announcing the changes, rather than creating a new and poorly categorized topic?

You could even try being quantitative about your your displeasure, for example:

Is the new format more or less annoying that a load of exclamation points? 

Is the new search more or less lame than someone who doesn't know how use proper capitalization?
.  heehee I got a nickle that says the OP won't get the last two sentences. (Probably won't get the first paragraph, but I'm not betting on that one.)
I got a dime that says the OP is too lazy to read or respond to replies.  He just wanted to troll.
revelae7 years ago
what i like and dont like.

like more intensely categorial organization, dont like that you have to click on the main categories(living, outside, play, technology, workshop) to get to the subcategories(like the old ones), this makes a big difference on slow computers. a drop-down menu perhaps?

like google search, ive noticed in the past that the instructables search engine was kindof dodgy. dont like that there are no pictures in the google search, and that the search takes up an entire bar on the page.

dont like that there is no text on the browse page 'Ibles.

i'd like everyone to be aware that i can capitalize properly, however i view it as more work than it is worth.
bumpus7 years ago
Graphical search should be default.
kelseymh7 years ago
Moved to Help:Feedback.