Changing Your User Name

If you are thinking of changing your user name, or creating a replacement account, these names all appeared to be available today:

spoodle pibbler spongdoodle ptwingoid mimbly phthyppy cruddite titicaca toastron QTMcWhiskers woodlouse ichneumon tastycrat fingerlician melllvar gasolinda dynamike

brian damage, stick chick, bent metal, anon rodgers, joey mousepad, electric cornflake, currency cat, ted maul, the increduloid, norbert dentressangle, window licker, metal mickey, dennis plaxton, ethel acetate, harold woodchip, frank plasterboard, milton keynes, edna coaldust, hector cement, albatross benson, lionel peppercorn, kevin fluff, permission granted, major woody, private parts, knex recycler, molten boron, ninja muffininator, ninja terminator, beg tets, odd bob, strange dave, spam master, sieve master, grease master, cheese eater, mr onions, wavey davey, whale omlette, penguin burger, sheep squeezer, fork bender, pork man, slime muncher, salty jim, PVC maniac, perineal sutures

Football (soccer):
Eindhoven de gekste!, counterfeit Madrid, strathcarnage, portsmouth bubblejet, PNE

No!, medical meat supplies, licenced to ill, licenced to bungle, epileptic fridge boy, batch files R us, golden ninja warrior


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random_builder11 months ago

Someone has WAY too much time.

Note that this post is from 7 years ago, waaaay before the internet.

Then how did he post this if there was no internet? And I think there was internet 7 years ago.

Because Lemonie was God...on Instructables, at least.

That does not make cents(or dollars). If you do a google search when the internet was invented, it says around 1990. I don't think that this year is 1997 so there definitely was internet 7 years ago.

Technically the internet has existed since the 60's, the world wide web was created in 1989 by English scientist Tim Berners-Lee while working for CERN in Switzerland (the same place that has the large hadron collider).

But I'm more concerned about the Matrix.

Never listen to Caitlinsdad. The internet still hasn't been invented.

teribithia4 years ago
My old User name "Jack Smith" can not be recognize, I am so curious about it. So I register with a new account.
Kiteman8 years ago
Somebody has had a boring day?
lemonie (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
(now that I've finished laughing) - something like. I just thought some user names lacked imagination, and with things like molten boron still available...
How was the trip then?

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