Charging station for eee PC

Hi, I need a charging station for an eee PC 4G from ASUS. I was searching several days in the internet but I didn't found something. The cradle is only needed for charging nothing else. After working with the eee pc I only would plug it in the cradle upright for charging. Where I can find such a charging station for the eee pc or a station for an other device wich suits to the eee? If there's no matching station how I could build it by my self? Here's a drawing of my idea:

Picture of Charging station for eee PC
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ll.139 years ago
Well, you've already got the idea, I would recommend researching the Charging Stations for other electronics, and then consider what yours will be like. I would make it out of wood, pretty much how your diagrams are. GL.
maddinel (author)  ll.139 years ago
Maybe I can use a charging station from a Sony PlayStation Portable. I saw that it has apparently the same power plug.

Look at this:
I don't think that'll work, the bumps that contour the PSP won't work with the eee If you just need the connector you can just go to radioshack and buy the plug for about 2 dollars (it's in one of the component drawers)
maddinel (author)  guyfrom7up9 years ago
Yes that are my reservations too but there are many different charing stations for psp and I think one of them will work passably.
well, the psp uses 5 volts, eee uses 12