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2hot2hack6 years ago
i just joind the hello
Harmzy8 years ago
sh#$ i cant make the mp5 couse i dont have any of those blue and green centctors thingos that matuo gave me
Anybody speak English here?
~Aeronous~ (author)  Lateral Thinker8 years ago
sorry, my friend is from mars lol (in case you don't know, it means laugh out loud)
That one is easy, but why dont you all make a translation dictionary, to go into the description for this forum. And then do something that might sound weird to you lot, and try to start communicating in BBC English. Admittedly I would have trouble with that too, so why not communicate in digital, 01100111001110101? 1011? Me being an Aspie, I already have to translate into a second language for people that are different from me.
Harmzy8 years ago
oi mutao im not makeing the thomsen any more im gonna make the mp5 by the same guy and anyways the mp5 is so much cooler later
Harmzy8 years ago
hi vistper he he he
Harmzy8 years ago
oi mutao u reckon i should make a uzi or that slide pistle thing
~Aeronous~ (author)  Harmzy8 years ago
stop callin me mutao. matt or matu but not dat i hate it. actually nah you can call me what u want includin mutao
Harmzy8 years ago
visper im makin the thompsan k,nex gun but i ran out of peices at only the stock
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