Cheap External Mix Snow Machine

*EDIT* IT WORKS!!! Hi everyone, this is a simple DIY snow machine. It utilizes external mixing which not only increases the production but also eliminates the risk of water backing down the air line and vise versa. I will not be making an instructable but possibly a video displaying its qualities. It only needs an air compressor with the standard quick connect end and a regular garden hose. It works and I may be selling a few on ebay for ~$75 each and will include a professional looking instruction manual. This produces a very large mist and i have yet to measure its snow making capabilities. I expect it to make about 2" per hour over a 200 square foot area. Please comment and rate!!

Picture of Cheap External Mix Snow Machine
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cool hope it works...
It does...but since I am not using a snowmaking nozzle it has to be below 20F to make real snow...
i built my own version and it has double the water to make more snow how thin does the cap have to be
Nice and it doesnt matter the thickness of the cap but the holes should be as small as you can get them. I made mine a little too big so it cant make snow above 20F
what if it is an internal mix right before the nozzle
That would work and possibly at higher temperatures but it runs the risk of water backing down the air lines or air down the water lines. External mix snow makers are much safer.
cool thanks
cj814997 years ago
Good job true DIY
qwerty9877 years ago