Cheap Eyeglasses - No, it isn't SPAM

Ok, first off, this isn't SPAM - I'm not advertising, just trying to figure something out about this company.

Zenni Optical

They sell glasses starting from $8! Glasses from a local glasses retailer cost around $120, at least! How can they afford to go down that low, compared to other stores? Is it their method of production, like they use different, cheaper materials? I've order 2 pairs off of their site, one regular, one sunglasses. I'll be awaiting the results. Still, it's crazy how low they can go, or how overpriced local stores are.

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Brennn109 years ago
I read an article about Zenni Optical and the man who wrote it had no problems with it; except maybe shipping time. He also mentioned googles4u as a site for even cheaper glasses.

You are not spending a fortune, so I guess it is worth a try. I bought my eyeglasses at Wal-Mart for $12. I did that because I only wear them before I go to bed. Which is about 2 hours every day.
Goodhart9 years ago
In some cases you "get what you paid for", so I am skeptical, having dealt with places similar to this in the Mail order era, BPC (before PC's). There is both a good side and a bad to most of the discount places....even the local ones.
joechuk9 years ago
My pupillary distance was measured as 72.5. Is that normal for a first time bifocal lens? the web page thinks it is abnormal. What is the normal range? Sincerely, Chuk
trebuchet0310 years ago
So the cost of eyeglasses piss me off... I prefer thin glasses that are decently wide (rectangular lenses). My current glasses are 49X18's (My last one's were 58x21's). I can understand if lenses are the expensive part as they are custom made/cut from optical glass. But the frames... Which are mass produced and overly expensive. I think my frame was a little over $200 - and the only reason they were considered, insurance covered a big chunk of that. Luckily, my last frame lasted something like 8 years. It was replaced after they were stepped on and I just couldn't get it back to normal again...
Go to costco thats where I get them I think I got a $40 frame with the flexon noes bridge but for me its the lenses that cost alot. I got polycarbonate with transitions for about $80 so I ended up paying $120 which wasn't bad at all. I don't like large glasses I feel they make me look like an old man then again I have a narrow face so everything is to big.
Being under 18 gives you a HUGE discount at costco...normal polycarb lenses cost $20 for a kid there. (Not that they're not cheaper for adults too..just especially for kids) Be warned though, it can take two weeks to get them.
Oh I didn't know about the discount he didn't say anything about that. It did take two weeks but that wasn't a problem because my pair was still kinda okay and they gave me contacts.
Yeah, it doesn't make as much a difference if it's not your first pair.
I've had glasses since 5th grade, so im in 11th now so 6 years give or take. Then just in January I got contacts which are nice but i don't wear them on the weekends.
lemonie10 years ago
More comments on Zenni here.

We then asked for the name of the president of the company to write to. Her response? "The president is in China and I have another call."

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