Cheap Jet Engine.

what Jet engine can I build for $50-$200 in price? And that is small? it could be any type of jet engine, I just want to start building one.

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Masterdude9 years ago
I want to make a small jet engine. Hopefully will make one in my free time.
Aeshir9 years ago
Step 1: Eat a crapload of beans Step 2: Get lighter Step 3: Light lighter, and fart. BOOM! Depending on the toughness of your colon, your distance/amount of scar tissue may vary.
koolsk8ter111 (author) 9 years ago
Here one:
koolsk8ter111 (author) 9 years ago
What can I buy for $50
koolsk8ter111 (author) 9 years ago
I need something small.
NachoMahma9 years ago
. Google it!
. As westfw mentions, a pulse-jet (or similar) would probably be a good first project. Any type of turbine is probably out of your reach, especially with your budget.
I believe there are quite a few hobby turbine jets built out of truck turbos? Wouldn't that be affordable?
PKM9 years ago
westfw9 years ago
Depends on your tools and machining skills, and what you want the thrust to weight ratio to be like. My general impression is that a heavy pulse-jet motor uses a relatively small amount of raw materials, and quite a bit of careful machining.