Cheap LEDs in Bulk?

I use Light Emitting Diodes for nearly every project I make. I have been looking as my receipts for the last six months at Radioshack, and found that I've purchased over 400 LEDs, and I have none remaining. I obviously go through them quite quick.

Therefore, I am looking for a reliable website that sells LEDs in bulk for cheap. It is, quite obviously, expensive to buy 20 packs of LEDs from Radioshack (I've spent nearly $100), so I'd like to buy in bulk (which usually results in lower prices).

Thanks in advance!

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vishalapr6 years ago
Here ! :

The cheapest I found?!
Hope it helps!
freethetech (author)  vishalapr6 years ago
Thanks a bunch! I'll be ordering from the first ebay link!
Kiteman6 years ago

Got to promote a fellow Instructabler - Phenoptix.

Depending on which LEDs you want, and how many, his prices drop as low as 8p each.

Yes, but shipping them to the USA could get costly, no?
They aren't exactly heavy, or fragile.
I suppose; I know the box I shipped over there weighed nearly half a pound and would have cost me half a(n old person's) fortune to send it if I had to insure it or track it. Since I don't ship out of the states often (anymore) I am not sure (I do remember when a "letter" cost me nearly a $1.50 or more to send over seas, but that might have been west, rather then east. the cheapest i think You can try search for cheper ones ir banggood

mandyn12 years ago


I am with and you are exactly correct, LED lamps are basically like anything else we buy. There is good, better & best. A good LED should be made


aluminum & high density plastic. This is due to the fact that there is an LED driver inside that lamp which makes it operate...that driver gets extremely hot so when

the LED lamp is made of some type of metal, and "fins" as I call them..air can circulate around the lamp and cool it so it will not overheat and fail. Cheap LEDs are

cheap they are avaialable and right now are giving LEDs a bad name, they do save you money on your electric bill but are not always the brightest as the cheap ones

typically just have a bunch of "LED indicator lamps" clustered together inside the lamp itself. This is the inexpensive way to put a bunch of indicator lamps together

put them into a lamp and give you LED light....Good ones will have very few LEDs and they will be big chips, with a photo optic lens on top of the chip to harness and

expand the light so basically the bulb design is working with the chip to deliver clean crisp light!

Check our our website we have some wonderful LED's and we are trained in when and when not to use them and how they work!

scyonxb4 years ago
i know a good store if you happen to live in minnesota...otherwise, i dont know, sorry

Sounds like the Axman

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