Cheap Solenoid valve (or other electronically actuated valve) sources?

...i'm needing to find a good source for cheap electronically actuated valves (for liquid mainly)...i've found a few solenoid type valves through random google searches...but they're all pretty expensive....i can get just solenoids for under $2 from most places...but they're just the solenoids...and well...i'm not sure how to turn one of those into a valve assembly if anyones got some good sources for either solenoid valves or other electronically actuated valves (i've seen some people use ice maker valves for this...but those things are $20 and up...too rich for my blood)

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Ryderman7 years ago
I need a source for a small 5 or 6 volt low power (less than 150 ma) solenoid valve to switch low pressure air. PC mounting and hose barbs would be good. I think something like the Asco (
hobby738 years ago
You should check out eBay. Here is a seller I've used before. Their prices are pretty good and their shipping is super fast: or
mark10110 years ago
Maybe get a new or (rebuildan old) washing machine cold and hot inputs.
crapflinger (author) 10 years ago
well...i'm trying to make a drink might work...$10 bucks is much better than 20 or 40
crapflinger (author)  vatosupreme10 years ago
...should have thought about company does business with them daily (of course i don't...but the respective "they" do)
trebuchet0310 years ago
First, what are you trying to do? It sounds like it's too big for you (considering you mentioned ice maker valves). But for $10 or $11, home depot has a solenoid activated, diaphragm type valve - 3/4" female thread.