Cheap Under Deck Ceiling - Looking for details, anyone done this?

I'm 'fixing to get ready' to build this under my deck  to cover a 16' wide x 12' long space under my deck.  It looks simple enough, and there are a couple of YouTube videos of the same thing, but they all leave out some detail.Has anyone here done one of these? I think it needs flashing at the house end so water isn't weeping down the siding. Any other tips or tricks you found ? Thank you. ! Terry, Council Bluffs, Iowa 

Toga_Dan1 year ago

take a look at hardware in the section with the fiberglass panels. Easier shown than described.

denamcCall1 year ago

My Neighbor was facing similar problem. He tried a number of methods, trying on different techniques to cover the space and to save on money. But this simple looking task needs to be done carefully. Taking professional services from helped him with different solutions for deciding on covering the space in budget and completing task perfectly.

Angelajohn2 years ago

Never done this.