Check Out my New Instructable

Check out my how to instucutable on growing peppers, its not quite guerilla gardening, but its awesome!

Propagating Peppers



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Thanks for the Gardening group. Is there a regular posting area, or photo gallery.

There isn't a regular gardening posting area as such, but the general posting spaces are here:
Photo galleries used not to be something the site did, but these days you'll find a lot of pictures of plants and gardens about:

Cough*spam*Cough jkjk
thenear1send (author)  shammallamaman9 years ago
psst. its hardly considered spam if its the ONLY forum topic posted on the entire page, i figured it might bring some life to the lonely forum section. But as for spam... in any other situation, sure it is! lol... AND HOW DID U GET A DIFFERENT FONT! tricky peoplez these days.. aye.
I know, it was kinda a joke
thenear1send (author)  shammallamaman9 years ago
Yes, i can see you wrote that about 3 times, congradulations!
CongraTulations to you too
I wouldn't consider it any worse than the "shameless self-promotion" that Kiteman & others practice. And it wasn't doing much harm, and it was almost out of the way, but now you bumped it. I believe this is Kiteman's 1st law? Or 3rd...
That would be the Second Law.

Oh, poop!
I know, i wasn't mad or anythingjust messing around
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