Checking Theories

In this topic, place your theories of some chemistry experiments in the comments section, starting with this one.

To start with, Fe + 2H2O --> FeO2 + 2H...

Place iron fillings to fill 1/3 of a water bottle. Fill the rest with water, and place a balloon on top. Wait X days/weeks/months. The water reacts with the iron to extract the oxygen from the water, leaving only hydrogen, and rust in the products. In the reactants, the hydrogen was bonded to the oxygen.

Will someone tell me if this works? The energy that bonds this is the potential energy in the water.

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PKTraceur (author) 9 years ago
Thank you Kiteman! I finally go a comment from you!
You're welcome!

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PKTraceur (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
I decided you needed a whole new comment!
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Your idea of nuclear fission with H
PKTraceur (author)  LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Yes, that was my idea of fission or fusion of H, beacause the sun can do it! Then, to keep green, the earth seems to be running out of helium, which I beleive is a bi-product of H fusion or fission.
Hydrogen can't "fission", since its nucleus consists of a single proton. Hydrogen fusion requires extreme temperatures (millions of degrees) and pressures (thousands of atmopheres) because the natural repulsion of the two positive charges is so high. I leave it to you to actually do some research (ask your science teacher if you don't know how to use the library) to verify these statements quantitatively.

Helium in the Earth's crust is not a byproduct (check your spelling) of fusion. It forms as a result of radioactive decay of naturally occurring uranium and thorium (primarily), both of which produce alpha particles. Alphas are nothing more than helium nuclei, so once they come to rest in whatever rock the U or Th was part of, they eventually pick up a couple of electrons and become helium atoms.

The Earth is "running out" of helium in the outer crust because we extract it faster than it's produced (like so many other things humans do).
PKTraceur (author)  kelseymh9 years ago
Thank you, somebody finally gave a lengthy and very helpful article upon why this wouldnt work. Now, I get that this wouldnt work. Anybody else have some ideas?
Well, what is it you're actually trying to do? Do you want to generate hydrogen from some chemical reaction? You can find plenty of methods in any freshman physical chemistry text. Are you trying to violate energy conservation? You can find plenty of crackpots who claim to have methods, but none of them will stand up to scrutiny.
PKTraceur (author)  kelseymh9 years ago
No, just a passing thought... anyways, do you have any other ideas?
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