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I have a problem with my oven which is tripping the fuses. It has a grill, top and bottom heating. I have diconnected each of the elements and think I have isolated it to one of the elements. I have removed that element and find, I can get a continuity reading across the two in put terminals, which I guess just means it is intact. However, I get a low reading across the earth and one terminal. Can anyone tell me if that is what I should expect? It's so annoying as I have had the oven almost 5 years (new with the new apartment) and this is the first time I have tried to use it. Previously I just used my combi microwave. Thanks for any advice.

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Heating elements tend to give low reading to earth, due to the nature of the product. Other signs of element problems is that you will see burn marks and blow holes in the element it self. Try to look for wires touching the metal body or it may be another element.

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johncar (author)  melbourne electrician9 years ago
Melbourne Electrician Thanks for your post. As I said I replaced the element and it has been fine since.. There was of course no signs of damage on the element which was defective as I had not used the oven from new, but I am sure your comments will be of assistance to other readers.
johncar (author) 10 years ago
Thanks jtobako, I bought a new element for, surprise , 22 euro, about $18 and it is now OK. The shop said that not using the oven for so long probably meant moisture had got into it. They had seen the same problem before.
johncar (author) 10 years ago
Thanks for your reply. The reading is about 20 ohms. When I switch the oven on, with the suspect element disconnected all is OK. When the suspev t element is either connected when the other elements are on or when all others are disconnected, the fuse trips in a minute or so. I took readings on the other elements and they show no reading as too does my electric kettle. I think the repacement element maybe more expensive in Spain, about $50 or more, so I don't want to buy and find iot was something else. By the way, I own the apartment ( condo) so it's my problem !
jtobako10 years ago
depends on how low. normal is going to be about 20 ohms, less than that is a short circut. nice thing about an apartment is that the owner is responsible for fixing it-if that's you, then it's probably around $20? to replace.