Cheese Pairings

This is a branch off from "who likes cheese". For those who like a foreign, unusual, or strongly flavored cheese, which is your favorite? What flavors does it pair well with?

I want to try new cheese, but would love to know what to buy it with.

Thanks, everyone :)

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Kiteman5 years ago
A nice hard, crumbly cheese, in a sandwich with blackcurrant jam, or a lump eaten in the fist with a decent ale.
scoochmaroo5 years ago

but I refuse to try Stinking Bishop. It makes my eyes water while it's still in the wrapper.

I was recently introduced to Cambozola, which is a Gorgonzola/Camembert hybrid and just delightful.

Manchego is nice for a light, salty Spanish cheese. And I can't get enough of Cowgirl Creamery's Humboldt Fog which is a soft cheese with a layer of vegetable ash in the middle. Sounds weird, but totally addictive.

At home when we're having a cheese night (which often replaces dinner. . .) I'll pick up one hard, one soft, and one mid-range cheese. I also like to mix up cow, goat, and sheep. Most of the time I grab one I know I like and ask the person behind the counter to recommend two more to fill out the palate. Then pick up some unflavored crackers, marcona almonds, fig paste (or similar) and as the wine guy for a nice bottle to complement whatever we have going on. So fun!
Goodhart5 years ago
My tastes are SO varied it is hard to pick one. I can list a few however:

Pont de Solo
and of course:  Gruyere  (my wife calls this stinky feet cheese because of the odor LOL)

But never could quite acquire a taste for: Limburger
haha our family calls Gruyere stinky feet cheese too!
BTW, some of those are quite strong so be sure to find someone to lend you a sample before buying a wheel of it :-) Gorgonzola is a bleu cheese. Oh I forgot my recent encounter with Stilton which I like too. Brie is very soft, although most people do not eat the outer "crust" (mold) becaus of it's bitterness, I like what it adds to a relatively mild cheese. Gruyere is a harder swiss cheese.
Try melting gorgonzola in alfredo sauce. Very rich.
Sounds great :-)
garnishrecipes (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
I've never tasted Pont de Solo, Roquefort, and Solferino. I'm compiling a list to take to my favorite European market this week. Thank you!
Just so you know, I have what some would call, "weird" taste buds......A few of those are rather "strong" , compared to swiss, or normal cheeses found on the grocer's
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