Hi, I really need help here I need to find a website or company who sell chemical in Canada (Quebec) At least sell these two chemical ( not for a high price preferably) --Potassium Thiocyanate-- --Ferric Nitrate -- i don't need big bottle just a couple of Gram (maybe 10g-20g) Wishing someone will help me; Koax

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westfw9 years ago
Do you have a really good photography store anywhere near you? Photographers Formulary carries both of those (but I don't think they ship mailorder to Canada) Better photography stores (with darkroom sections) tend to carry some of the PF stuff as part of the catering to "artistic alternative processes."
Alternately, what is the state of pharmacy stores in Canada? It used to be that you could get a pretty complete selection of chemicals (or your parents could) in the US by talking to the man behind the prescription counter - that's how I got the Ammonium Dichromate for my first "classic volcano" experiment, and I'm pretty sure it has no actual use in medicine! That was perhaps 30 years ago; I don't think I could get it now.
And the third likely candidate is an educational supplier, perhaps one who sells to homeschoolers. Wards of Canada has both, though in 100g bottles. (A search for "ferric" turns up nothing, but it's listed under "iron (III) nitrate" Grr.)

our pharmacies dont sell good stuff.
Are you sure? raw chemicals were never an "on the shelf" sort of thing; you had to actually ask the pharmacist. A 4th alternative, if you're in school, is to ask you science teacher. In my day the science "prep areas" were full of all sorts of goodies that never made it to student labs (teachers get to have fun too, I guess :-) Generations worth. Show them the experiment you want to do, and what you need. The worst you'll get (assuming legitimate experiment and not "um. concentrated nitrick acid and glicerine?") is a "no, can't help you."
most pharmacies here don't sell actual chemicals. just aspirin. plus schools don't give chemicals because of the liability.
koax (author)  westfw9 years ago
well I already ask my science teacher but she said that because of the school insurance she wasent able to give chemical to me : /
koax (author)  westfw9 years ago

i gonna check for a photography store ad in a pharmacy thank you a lot
koax (author) 9 years ago
well do you know where can i buy some chemical in Canada?
tech-king koax9 years ago
quebec city or quebec state? i live in mtl, and have no clue where chemicals come from on island.
koax (author)  tech-king9 years ago
quebec state (i live at pincourt near mtl)
tech-king koax9 years ago
you mean province right?
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