Chemicals people would want to make?

Basically I want to know what lab chemicals you want to make, if you know how to make any useful chemicals.
please post, I am not responsible for and injury's, fatality's, or "bad things" of any sort that come from this thread, all things posted here are to assumed for informational purposes only.

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Johan83357 years ago
I would like to know............ If I use a Potassium Chloride(KClO) electrolyte. An Stainless Steel Cathode (+) and Platinum Anode (-) Will I be left with Potassium Perchlorate(KClO4) crystals on the bottom? Or would I Be Left with Potassium Hypochlorite/Chlorite? And why please. Thanks
I'm assuming there isn't any way to make hexane in your kitchen...?
Hexamite (a cooking tablet at camping stores) + Hydrogen Peroxide + Citric acid. No I don't know the process, I haven't tried it yet.
I want to know more !!!!!! for interest sake only.
I meant Hexamine, and I was confused. See below. (author)  Wolf Seril7 years ago
This wouldn't make hexane, nor would it be wise to mix those 3 chemicals together and travel to a British airport under 2 weeks afterward.
You're right, I was thinking of HMTD. Very different. I have no idea why I mixed those two up. But yes, generally explosives+airports=bad. It's basic chemistry. (author)  SolarFlower_org8 years ago
probably not... you can make diesel though...
seamaas7 years ago
How can you make food grade KNO3...? (author)  seamaas7 years ago
well, KNO3 is Potassium Nitrate, being an Oxidizing agent it will react readily with many substances, like finely ground charcoal, perhaps to speed up the reaction you could use a catalyst such as Iron Oxide or Sulphur. Confining this could cause detonation which is bad and, depending on your location, illegal, i take no responsibility for your idiotic loss of limbs due to lack of thought, planning and common sense.
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