Chest Wrapping- Bra Alternative

I've heard of Japanese chest wrapping called Sarashi but I know there are other techniques for wrapping. This is an alternative to conventional bras using a long, thin strip of fabric that is wrapped around the bust in a particular pattern in a way that supports the bust but is also breathable and comfortable. I know this exists but I can't find anyone who knows anything about it!

I know so many women who are frustrated with their bras. If you could help you would be doing so many women a favor.

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Anything but these saggy ,confining,expensive, and uncomfortable bras! Wrapping sounds much more enjoyable!
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ChrysN6 years ago
Have you thought about just going bra-free. or are you needing something that gives you support or is it that you don't want your nipples to show? For support you can try something like a body shaping cami from Spanx
or if it is the second concern you can try pastis or tape to cover them.

laurenkl (author)  ChrysN6 years ago
I would like something that offers some relief from gravity. I am small chested but tend to be very active. I've been looking into wrapping the chest with a breathable, supportive fabric.
If you google "sarashi" there are instructions and diagrams on how to do it.