how do u tell if a girl likes u

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acidbass7 years ago
when they screw with you and pretend not to like you
Ah, we are talking young immature girls then.....I was about to give some advice for a more mature set, but then realized it probably would not apply :-)
well through 8th grade thats what they did maybe in college they start to be nice
Juklop9 years ago
Just ask her... gun point. Works every time.
Goodhart9 years ago
For me it was when they walked up to me and said: You're CUTE. When I knew I wasn't Actually, that never happened..... :-(
Thats a coincidence, that never happened to me too........ Maybe we should form a group? LOL
I was told I walked funny once though LOL When you say it is from riding horses, that normally draws some interest (for some very odd reason) :-)
duh. most girls LOVE horses. even if they don't ride them. idk. there's something so magical and mysterious about them. probably deep down in every girl's psyche, she wants to be a fiary princess who rides off into the sunset on her own black beauty...
most girls?
well i mean not EVERYONE loves EVERYTHING. so yes. most girls. i have yet to meet a girl that HATES horses, but still. is that you? in the picture by the way? you don't look like you're in highschool...
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