China's List of Banned Websites

Here is a nice info-graphic of the websites china's government blocks their population from visiting.

I don't know if this is the full list, but these are probably the most important ones.

Pretty interesting, We are not banned yet are we ?
Its only a matter of time :)

Picture of China's List of Banned Websites
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Does anyone have any idea why Eighty-Nine is censored, and June?
Tiananmen square - 1989
 June isn't blocked.

June 4th is.  They just split it up so the text would look like china...

Think Tiananmen Square.
I see. I was thinking July (4th) except, for whatever reason in June. Thanks for clearing it up.

Do you happen to have any idea about eighty-four being blocked?
 Eighty-nine you mean?

You'll never guess when the tiananmen square protests took place  (I'll give you a hint, in the image, the answer lies in the third line up from the bottom).
Oops, misread that. Thanks.
chndt20087 years ago
Most Chinese people have been brainwashed for 60 years. .Thank God! I was sober! I am not afraid of the Communist Party! I am not afraid of assassination! But I fear drowning in red cheating in! Help!
chndt20087 years ago
I am Chinese, but I hate the Communist Party! Save my thoughts now!
 The context of this image is that if viewed in china, all those censored phrases would have disappeared, leaving a china shaped gap.
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