Chocolate Scrabble

The rise and rise and eventual lawsuit over Scrabulous has shown that people love their Scrabble. Now you can even eat it with this decidedly unofficial Scrabble chocolate bar. They seem to be out of stock, but if they do come back, try and get them before Hasbro's lawyers do.


Picture of Chocolate Scrabble
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Doctor What9 years ago
Could just make a mold using the original scrabble pieces... And if that didn't work, just make a mold and paint the letters on using colored white chocolate.
fungus amungus (author)  Doctor What9 years ago
Getting the separation of the tiles in the finished piece would be tough and painting on the tiles would be a major pain. It'd be easier to laser etch and cut the design out of acrylic and make a mold off of that.
What do you mean by "separation"? If you are thinking about the molding medium sticking to the tiles, I wouldn't worry too much. They feel like they are coated with shellac, which is what you do when casting from wood or clay anyway. A silicone mold would be easy and you'd actually need to use it as it's the only food grade casting medium. Just put the tiles down right side up in shallow trays, drip in the silicone from the side and let it flow over the tops of the tiles. If you wanted them to be stuck together in one bar, you could just stick them to the base with a dab of wax. When the mold is set, pull the tiles out and trim out any bits of silicone that got between the tiles, or flowed under them. There is no release necessary if the tiles are shellaced. No release needed when casting the chocolate either. There is casting chocolate that has a higher melting point. Good if you actually want to handle them, and play with them, but then it would be kinda gross to eat them. It also doesn't need tempering which is huge. You need to temper eating chocolate to get the shiny surface and the snap that is characteristic of chocolate bars. It doesn't taste as good though. It doesn't have as much cocoa butter as eating chocolate. Smells wonderful. Chocolate chess pieces, or checkers would be great. You could eat the captured enemies. :-P
You could eat the captured enemies. :-P
You won me right there. Off to buy silicone...
Hahaha. Sounds evil to me, not Rotten. I skipped over part - You should always stick down your positive in some way. Positives have a great habit of floating, or falling over sideways after you get the silicone in.
Good idea. Unfortunately I don't have a laser cutter. Hmph.
I somehow missed this! I need I need I need.
fungus amungus (author)  jessyratfink8 years ago
Wow, I forgot about this until you just bumped it up. Looks like we should make one. Maybe even a full set of individual chocolate pieces!
Most definitely. :D
KentsOkay8 years ago
So can you eat your "q"s if you dont have a "u"?
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