Chocolate covered raisins

Does anybody know of a recipe for chocolate covered raisins. Also does it have anything to do with fondue?

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Chocolate with raisins beautiful mix.These two are my favorite.

1, prepare a bowl of clean anhydrous, into the chocolate into the pot, hot water will be skillfully separated about 50 degreesChocolate melt.

2, raisins and pour, mix with chocolate, and then use a spoon to scoop up a small spoon, placed on a clean aluminum foil.Wait cools and hardens. (Summer production, fridge fresh positions in cold mood.)

3, Sprinkle with powdered sugar, wrapped in chocolate special aluminum foil, into a chocolate gift box, you can as a gift.
canida10 years ago
I'd recommend a microwave instead of a double boiler- just microwave for short periods of time (~15-30 sec) and stir, then repeat until the chocolate is properly melted. It's much easier, and now recommended by all the experts.
zachninme canida10 years ago
I've never understood either the double boiler, or the microwave. It always burns in the microwave, and its hard to do medium sized-batch. The double boiler apparently siezes occasionally, so I hear. I've always done it as a pan over low heat, with a pat of butter (To prevent burning in the first 20 seconds, depending how much chocolate you have, it shouldn't effect. And I'm guessing it doesn't seize because of the added fat as well?). Start with a cold pan, and keep the butter moving. Just as it starts to melt, add small bits of chocolate.when its half melted, kill the heat.
Ach, fatty milk chocolate, and you add butter to it ? Noooo (makes the sign of a cross) back I say with your evil fatty foods !
I don't think I'm actually increasing the "fat density" at all, and only by a little. Just use less chocolate :P (You should see the brownies I make :P)
Well, in truth, using margarine (Oleo) would be much worse. Transfatty acids and all.
Ugh, margarine is a no-no-no-no.
I have been substituting Olive oil for most everything I would use butter for (except anything baked/cooked under high temp. since Olive oil tends to smoke or scorch more easily then regular veggie oils). I even use a dribble of Olive oil on air popped popcorn. (Yeah, I still have an old hot air popper)
You should try coconut oil, but don't use extra virgin or unrefined if you don't want whatever you're cooking/baking to taste like coconut. It's super healthy for you and you can sub it for butter. I can't have butter right now because my baby is allergic to milk so I've been using coconut oil and it's been great for me. Just thought you might be interested :)
Safflower oil is REALLY good too. I have replaced my olive oil with that because it is so much better
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