Christmas Gifts

Ok so this is the thread were you get to post everything you got for Christmas and what you gave people for Christmas!!!Have Fun=)

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Shadowman397 years ago
I got Knex, Legos, clothes, a CD, and DVD movie.
That hotel is sweeettt! I was just wondering, where did you get it from? And how much was it?

Thanks! :-)
My parents ordered it off of (it's called Cafe Corner). It costs $140.00. Green Grocer, the one my brother got, costs $150.00.
That hotel is awesome! Can you take a picture of it when you are done please?
I will, after I fix the virus my internet has. My brother got an apartment building. Both of those sets were $150.00. I connected all three of my modular buildings together. :-)
Virus fixed. :-)
Sorry this is late, but here's some pictures. All three modular buildings are connected to each other. The last picture shows the buildings broken apart into their sections.
HYPERSPACE training tower, an AWESOME set
I built it! It's only missing a Knex man.
looks cool anyway, do you advice me buying one? also do you think I can get one for less than 70 euro (100 dollar)?
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