Christmas List!

'Tis the season to figure out what would make you happiest on the 25th of December this year! So, my question is, what is the one thing you want this year? :D

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eulaliaaaa!6 years ago
I want a slide rule or a sonic screwdriver!
Xbox 360 i guess
xACIDITYx9 years ago
XBox 360 + Gears of war
if you downloaded halo for the PC, and by chance you found a game i was hosting, and went in and played, but i kept owning you, and you couldnt kill me (i have 3 halo usernames, one per computer)
and then a Ghost attacked me, then the boogie man jumped out of my closet, then the guy who owned google died and gave me google, then I converted to Christianity, then I used magic to eat a ham sandwich, then I bought 2 billion dollars with only 1 dollar, then fairies flew in my window. Never going to happen.
You need magic to eat a ham sandwich?
(I would, I hate ham)
and then you woke up from your dream, and realized i just pwnd you on Halo.
And then I wake up from my nightmare, put a plasma rifle to your helmet and fire.
shields down.... plasma rifles suck....
Are you kidding me?
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