Christmas Ornament patches! Grab one soon!

fungus amungus just left for lunch, but I managed to grab one of his ornaments to hand out!

Since I'm a huge fan of sugary sweets, here's the deal:

Let me know what your favorite holiday dessert or candy is, and you receive this totally sweet ornament patch!

These goodies won't last though, post before 3pm PST to get your patch.  I should be able to keep fungus amungus occupied until then.

Update: Thank you everyone for the awesome treat ideas!  I'm going to have to look into a lot of them.  For now, the patches have been sent, and the time is up.

Picture of Christmas Ornament patches! Grab one soon!
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Goodhart8 years ago

"wet bottomed" Chocolate Rum cakes, I am not a "candy" type of person :-)

Mplinnc7 years ago
msdata6088 years ago
 Peppermint ice cream is the best!
YES! nomnomnom...
For sure.
I keep missing them all ToT
i missed one but still got a patch
Kwitmeh37 years ago
GINGER BREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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