Christmas Ornament patches! Get one now!

UPDATE: Giveaway is closed.

We need to decorate this place a little bit. If you want an ornament patch to liven up your profile, just post a new comment below saying "Happy Holidays!" below.

Oh, and this is only up for a few hours. Get a comment up before 3pm PST (that's just over three hours from posting time) to get a patch!

UPDATE: Patches will be assigned after 3pm.

Picture of Christmas Ornament patches! Get one now!
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happy holidays!
stevoace7 years ago
Happy Holidays!! (y) 
ReCreate7 years ago
Not "Happy holidays!!!", But Merry Christmas
vwluvrs7 years ago
"Happy Holidays!"
a4great7 years ago
Happy holidays!!!
azbudman7 years ago
Happy Holidays!
Is this still going on????
lioneatr7 years ago
 Happy Holidays!
fungus amungus (author)  lioneatr7 years ago
Thanks! If you want a patch, here's the current topic:
 thank you!
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