Christmas stories

Merry christmas everybody! In the meantime, lets share some amusing christmas stories that you have had! anything from annoying relatives to dad having to use a chainsaw because he couldn't find the meat cleaver is fine!

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knexfreak958 years ago
mine was kool i got 40 pounds of knex but my uncle was in jail
lmao thats embarrassing.
dont laugh my uncle is an achoholic
I got an Xbox360! With GH3 but No Live.
I have the same
builder9688 years ago
my mom got a doll XD
Bartboy8 years ago
I got some knex. :)
barrax Bartboy8 years ago
i didn't :(
J Moneyman8 years ago
lawl. chainsaw... i was shooting DJ Radio's sniper rifle in Florida and i lost the bullet in my grandma's neighbor's lawn... kinda ironic...
OMG you built my sniper! kool!
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